Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Peacock Tutu

I've always associated a pinky purple colour with peacocks.  I'm not sure why - there isn't much purple or pink to them.  But when I saw some beautiful pinky purple tulle, the peacock tutu was born.

I've never seen a tutu quite like this - it is shorter at the front and gets progressively longer as it goes around.  It looks just like a peacock tail!  And with the addition of some cute felt peacock feathers, the tutu was complete.

I'm thrilled with it - if it wasn't weird, I'd prance around the backyard in it. It is too big for the kiddo at the moment, but I can't wait until I'll see her running around
in it.

Tutus are incredibly simple to make.  There are TONS of tutorials on the web, so there's no need to add mine.  Here's a good one.  You'll find tutus made with elastic, ones made with ribbons, one that are no-sew, and ones that are sewn.  The peacock tutu is elastic, and no-sew - getting the urge to make one yet? :)

I've whipped up the instructions in a PDF download to make the peacock tutu, as well as the pattern pieces for the felt "feathers".  They can easily be freehanded, but for those that aren't as adventerous, patterns are always nice.  (Please forgive the "roughness" of the patterns - I don't have Illustrator yet, so I cobbled them together in Publisher).

If you have ANY questions, or anything is unclear, please send me a note.  I plan on doing more in-depth tutorials in the future, with photos included.  But I'm happy to explain anything that you need to know.

The materials are cheap, it's easy to make, and you'll have one happy kiddo at the end!  Happy tutu-ing!

*If you make one of your own, add it to the Little Renn Flickr pool!  I'd love to see it.

Taken before "feathers" were added. And wind is not a tutu's friend!

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