Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Playroom

When I heard we had to move (long story for another post...or several), my first thought wasn't of packing or unpacking.  It was, "Oh no....the playroom."

I have been working on the playroom for months, maybe even years in my head.  It has been a great creative outlet - I've been able to combine my craftiness with my teaching instincts.  I've been puttering away slowly, collecting cool toys, furniture, decorations and more.  IKEA and Kijiji have been incredible for finding deals.

So to find out we're moving, shortly after I declared it pretty much done...devastating.  So I immortalize it here, for all to see.  A requiem on a playroom.

I exaggerate - this playroom will be recreated in some form at our next house, which I will definitely share.  But this was its first incarnation, which will never be fully appreciated, as the kiddo just turned one.  She's happy simply pulling books off shelves.  And I faithfully put them back on the shelves when she's done. Someday, she will appreciate what a great masterpiece her playroom actually is.

The paint colour is called Sunshine (or Sunny...I can't remember).  It is such a happy colour - perfect for a drab basement.

A carpeted "path" leads you into the playroom.  Very inviting right?  These were JYSK bath mats, super cheap - maybe $3 each.

The playroom has an extra-large, hard to find Little Tikes Grand Victorian Mansion in it.  It's HUGE.  A six foot tall person can stand up in it.  It is carpeted, complete with a kitchen, barbecue, fireplace, table, and chair.

Beside the house is the book nook.  Here, although you wouldn't believe it by looking at the picture, houses hundreds of books.  There are two floor to ceiling bookcases just outside the playroom with MORE books.  It's a weakness.  But, a book weakness is not the worst weakness to have...

We stay away from TV, movie, and princess-themed books (also a topic for another post).

Our favourite authors include: David Shannon, Jaime Lee Curtis, Tad Hills, Tom Lichtenheld, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and many, many more!

We also have a great mini-rocking chair (Winners), some comfy pillows (Bouclair & Target), a bench to sit on (Target), which happens to be overflowing with dress up clothes.

The designs on the wall are actually plastic pieces from Dollarama.  2 in a package for $2, some spray paint and they are cheap, beautiful art.

The playroom also has a fully-stocked kitchen.  The table and chairs, as well as the white bin "cupboards" are from IKEA.  The Step 2 kitchen was an amazing Kijiji find (thanks Mom!), with lots of fun electronic features.  You may have spotted some vintage Fisher-Price stuff dotting the room - they just don't make it like they used to!  Vintage Fun with Food and Little People ALL THE WAY.
And finally, a lovely garden to tend to in the summer months.

A rather long post about a playroom, right?  I'm a proud mother. :)

Have a great playroom of your own to share?  Click on Little Renn's Flickr group in the left hand column and post some pictures!  We'd love to see what yours looks like.  We'd even love to see your ideal playrooms (please respect copyrights of others!)


  1. Wow. That's amazing. I wish we'd gone downstairs the day of the party.

  2. I could come live in your playroom, I'm no where near 6' tall and that kitchen is about as big as mine now. I hope you have a copy of Norman's Blankie, by noted Canadian author Cheryl Coville on those shelves. :)
    It's a beautiful space, I would have regreats leaving.