Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Life seems to get in the way of blogging.  Too busy, too lazy, uninterested...I can use all those excuses. But I'm determined to get back at it.

We are going to be hosting some very sweet toddlers for a Valentine's Day party, so I figured sprucing up the place was in order.   Project number one: A Tree of Hearts.  This should have been a "couple hours" project, but it was an "over a week" project. (Crafting with a toddler takes a bajillion times longer).  But the project itself was simple:

A Tree of Hearts

- heart template
- fabric of choice
- ribbon or string for hangers
- a tree branch

1.  Cut out two hearts from each fabric.
2.  Cut a length of ribbon/string for hanger.
3.  Place the ribbon/string between the two hearts (remember to put the hanging part on the inside; leave a little bit hanging out so you'll catch it in the seam allowance.
4.  Sew around the outside of the hearts, leaving about a 1" opening for turning.
5.  Turn it, stuff it, sew it closed!
6.  Hang them on a tree branch.

* Tip: to get really great little points at the bottom, backstitch a couple times as you're sewing on each side.  If you look closely at mine, you can tell how long it took me to figure this out.
* I COULD NOT figure out how to get the center part of the heart to turn nicely with the ribbon.  Switching to smaller ribbon helped, but getting a nice upper internal point is IMPOSSIBLE.  Help?

Finding a decent tree branch was the hardest part for me.  I had to dig through a pile of twigs on the side of the road on a cold winter's day.  And I had to walk five miles up hill, both ways....

Toddler entertainment tip of the day: Putting on "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham! entertained the kiddo for 1/60th of the time it took to write this post.  And the adorable dance moves weren't bad either.

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  1. I like that song, too! That's a very sweet and romantic decoration.