Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mery the Mermaid

What little girl wouldn't want a stuffed mermaid?  I want one.  I hope my cousin wants one - she's getting one in the mail!  She's a mom to a beautiful new baby girl, so perfect time to whip up something cute.

I have to admit, it wasn't all that difficult to make.  After making cutting out a cardboard pattern, I cut out and sewed her front together.  Same for the back.  I sewed and stuffed her arms and her ponytail.  I sewed them together.  And voila!  One mermaid!  I think even someone with basic sewing skills could make this.

Now...I got so excited and made this so quickly that it didn't even occur to me to do a tutorial.  I'd be more than happy to whip up a free tutorial and pattern if there anyone out there is so inclined.  Leave me a comment and if at least five people do, a tutorial is in your future! :)

Little Renn has a Facebook group now.  It looks so sad only liked by me. If you join, you might be eligible to win something made by me! :)

1 comment:

  1. It's a good shape for a little person to hang to. I'd like to see the tutorial! Thanks for sharing.